Thursday, December 26, 2013

Who Do You Call When Rebooting Doesn't Work?

"Why is my computer screen all blue? All I did was open this unknown .zip file that some stranger emailed me!" 

Well, believe it or not. That's most likely an actual quote from someone somewhere. But thankfully their are those with the skills to come to make it all better. And guess what... EVERY OFFICE needs one.     

They are called Information Technology Managers. (or "IT Managers" for short)
It's one of the fastest growing industries boasting an impressive growth of 18% in the last 12 months. (Just fixing required dozens!) So if job security is important, and it should be, IT Manager is a solid career bet. But what makes it desirable also makes it competitive. So although a bachelor's degree in computer or information science is generally required (including coursework in software programming, development and/or mathmatics), some firms look for that candidate with a Masters Degree. Always look for something that will make you stand above the rest.

Nate is an IT Manager. Ever since he was young, Nate has always liked to take things apart to see how they worked. This led to an interest in electronics and computers. His interests led to the development of a useful skillset that now affords him a decent lifestyle, all the while enjoying his time during the work-week at the office. To him, that's what success is all about.
He gets to be the guy who comes in when things look darkest for his co-workers, when they are stressed that they can't do their jobs properly because the technology is not behaving, and SAVES THE DAY. He says it's a good feeling. Those looks on his co-workers faces are so rewarding. 

Managing priorities and expectations is a big part of the job also. So although he deals deeply with the world of ever-evolving technology, his "people skills" are what he relies on to truly be an effective IT Manager.

Are you a problem solver? Do you like to fiddle with technology to see how it functions? Are you advanced at math? did you get in trouble for taking apart the toaster-oven as a child? You might be perfect for a career in IT Management. And there are many related careers for those with this same skillset. Have you answered your calling?    

What do uwannadu?
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Graphic Design is a lot of fun!

We are a visual culture.

Even cats respond to graphics.
We place great importance on the visual. 

Images can influence our emotions, trigger memories and even trick our senses. We are constantly swayed this way and that by an endless barrage of imagery. Having a good understanding of how people are likely to react to visual stimuli is an important yet sometimes overlooked skill in being a good Graphic Designer

From and mood of colors to the use of negative space (the "empty" area around shapes). Graphic Designers must consider a whole range of issues when approaching a visual solution for any given project. From budget, to technical constraints of the delivery method, all the while serving to express the message or have the intended effect on as many people as possible within the targeted audience. It's a challenge to do it well time after time. 

But meeting those challenges can be a source of fun and inspiration.
The late Storm Thorgerson's iconic cover for Pink Floyd's THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON
Another exciting thing for a Graphic Designer is to see their work embraced on a large scale by the public. To witness their work mass produced by the thousands and pasted on walls all over the world can offer a great sense of pride. To have their work outlast themselves is an honor sadly no artist gets to savor, but it is still a great accomplishment.

Many artists are shy and are happy to let their art speak for them. They would much rather have their work be famous, all the while keeping their treasured personal anonymity. Many of you may know the album cover above, but did you know the artist who designed it? (No, it wasn't Pink Floyd. See caption.) The artist was happy to know you liked his work, regardless of the fact you did not know his name.
Bryant is a Graphic Designer. An "Environmental" Graphic Designer to be exact.

There are MANY MANY different kinds of designers as nearly EVERYTHING these days needs to be designed, presented, packaged, and branded in some fashion. And it's likely to only increase over time as new media streams develop. It's the rare profession where literally ANYONE with a developed talent and the right ideas can enjoy great success. There's no such thing as perfect, but practice makes MUCH MUCH BETTER. Have you answered your calling?    

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wanna Be a Real Hero?

When there's danger...
Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-man.

What do they all have in common? Brightly colored Spandex? Well maybe, but that's not the point. They ALL use their super skills to help people and save lives. 
Sadly those characters are works of fiction. Fun... yes. But real... not so much.
... to the rescue!
But did you know there ARE super heroes in real life? Yep. We call them Paramedic Firefighters. And they use their awesome skills to help people and save lives every day. From administering life support and rescue services to even occasionally delivering babies. They are the first responders to arrive, stabilize medical patients on scene, and provide transport to a hospital for definitive care.

Udana is a Paramedic Firefighter. With a good head on her shoulders and a degree in micro-biology, she loves her career decision. It's a job that truly makes a difference we all can be thankful for. So although we may not read comic books about them, or watch them glide across the silver screen, Paramedic Firefighters are quietly busy saving our lives every day. It takes someone with nerves of steel. A warm caring heart. And the flexibility to deal with any situation to be a Paramedic Firefighter... and that sounds pretty super to us at uwannadu. Have you answered your calling?    

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

ARCHITECTURE: The Poetry of Form & Structure

"Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet"
- Frank Lloyd Wright
Here's an example of Wright’s poetry. 
'Falling Water' appears to grow from the environment
‘Falling Water’, near Pittsburgh, PA was built in 1935 and is Wright’s most recognized masterpiece.  It is a monument to ‘organic’ architecture and a monument to doing what you love. And doing it well. He was 67.
Wright inspired millions to follow their dreams and build their own monuments.
Some builders aim to move us emotionally and inspire us, blending form and function, not to work or live in but to feel and be moved by.
Maya Lin
Ohio-born Maya Lin, Architecture student, entered a national contest to commemorate the sacrifices Americans made in the Vietnam War.
Lin won the prize and international acclaim, while we received the celebrated Memorial. Few can visit the National Mall in Washington DC and not be moved by her heart-felt message built in somber stone and haunted by the reflected names of our fallen heroes.
Jeff is an architect who works primarily on residential designs.  He brings homeowner dreams to life.
Architects pursue different visions and dreams:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright built to reflect and integrate with nature
  • Maya Lin built to solemnly help us remember
  • Jeff builds private sanctuaries in the homes of regular people
They chose Architecture as a means of expressing their dreams.

What do you uwannadu?
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do YOU suffer from "dentophobia"? Huh?

Do YOU suffer from "dentophobia"? Huh?
Yes that's a real word. And an actual medically recognized condition. Dentophobia is the fear of dental care, and more specifically, visiting the dental hygienist. Many people suffer from this condition to varying degrees. Sometimes it’s caused by childhood traumas. Who doesn't cringe at the shrill whine of a dental drill?

Sir Laurence Olivier            |            Steve Martin            |            Jennifer Aniston

Certainly the media has had no shortage of exaggerated portrayals of dentists over the years. From the crazed Nazi dental torturer of MARATHON MAN, to Steve Martin's antics in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (or even NOVOCAINE), to Jennifer Aniston's naughty advances toward dental hygienist Charlie Day in HORRIBLE BOSSES.

Although the reality of life as a dentist may not be so extreme, it's certainly no less interesting. Jamie chose to follow her interests and became a professional dental hygienist. Hear her story and what it's really like behind the mask.

With a growth rate of 28% per year and a potential salary of $100k, dental hygienists are smiling pretty.  

So while the anxiety of visiting the dentist can be real, fortunately we have dental hygienists like Jamie to ease our fears.

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make Money. Every. Single. Day.

“Money, Money, Money - Making it, managing it, and most importantly not losing it…That’s a portfolio manager”
It’s not just about your money, but it is all about making money. It's about making and managing it. Being a portfolio manager means you get to work in the world of high finance and you get to be part of the heartbeat of the economy. When you do it really well, you can do more than just stare at this little baby.
Ferrari Laferrari Geneva 2013
But hey if it were easy everyone would do it.  Doing it right and bringing in the big bucks is tough and the competition is stiff.  You have two competitors, smart people and dishonest people.  They are both hard to beat.
There are great men and women who figure it out and build lasting companies and legacies. Warren Buffet is known for a 60+ year career of ethical business success.  He still lives in the same house he bought 50 years ago.

Billionare Warren Buffett

Others don’t do it so well. Some even turn to the "dark side". But instead of having your Death Star blown up in your face, you get to wear some new 'bling' around your wrists.

The best portfolio managers love what they do. They do it for their own best interests as well as those of their clients. Yes, they love to make money, but money is only a measurement of how hard they work and how much they succeed at managing it.
Glen is an example of how real portfolio managers are out there making it happen.  He loves his job and loves to be able to see how he is doing every single day.

Portfolio managers come in many flavors but they share three goals:
   Make money for their clients
   Make money for themselves
   Don’t lose money, break the law, cheat people or wear handcuffs
So does making money and growing a portfolio sound like you?  Is it what uwannadu?

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"I are engineer!"

“I are engineer!”
 Career Myth vs. Reality

The myth that engineers can’t speak in complete sentences or get a date but love numbers is both funny and wrong. The facts are a lot more interesting and inspiring.”

Take one example Amar Bose, founder of the company that bears his name.

When Dr. Bose died this summer he was a billionaire who loved what he did. Dr. Bose was a college professor who loved music and science. He followed a dream, which became the company we all know today and helps me drown out all those loud people and noises on the plane. 

Among other interesting quotes he said:
I would have been fired a hundred times at a company run by MBAs. But I never went into business to make money. I went into business so that I could do interesting things that hadn't been done before."

Another engineer took a slightly different path and orbit.  

Engineer Neil Armstrong decided not to build things but rather to join the military and went on to be the first man to walk on the moon.

Famous quote from Neil:
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

Finally, Mr. Bean who let’s just say managed to “engineer” some ridiculous acts and funny movie scenes. On more than one occasion he relied on awkward moments he observed around rooms full of well, awkward engineers. 

Famous quote from Mr. Bean:
Row, row, row your boat, gently down the stream. If you see a crocodile, don't forget to scream.”  - Not exactly profound but you get the point.

This is Ian. He's one of thousands of mechanical engineers who is literally shaping our future. Hear what revealing insight he has to offer at uwannadu. And learn about thousands of other great careers.

What does this all mean?

That depends on what uwannadu.