Thursday, November 21, 2013

Make Money. Every. Single. Day.

“Money, Money, Money - Making it, managing it, and most importantly not losing it…That’s a portfolio manager”
It’s not just about your money, but it is all about making money. It's about making and managing it. Being a portfolio manager means you get to work in the world of high finance and you get to be part of the heartbeat of the economy. When you do it really well, you can do more than just stare at this little baby.
Ferrari Laferrari Geneva 2013
But hey if it were easy everyone would do it.  Doing it right and bringing in the big bucks is tough and the competition is stiff.  You have two competitors, smart people and dishonest people.  They are both hard to beat.
There are great men and women who figure it out and build lasting companies and legacies. Warren Buffet is known for a 60+ year career of ethical business success.  He still lives in the same house he bought 50 years ago.

Billionare Warren Buffett

Others don’t do it so well. Some even turn to the "dark side". But instead of having your Death Star blown up in your face, you get to wear some new 'bling' around your wrists.

The best portfolio managers love what they do. They do it for their own best interests as well as those of their clients. Yes, they love to make money, but money is only a measurement of how hard they work and how much they succeed at managing it.
Glen is an example of how real portfolio managers are out there making it happen.  He loves his job and loves to be able to see how he is doing every single day.

Portfolio managers come in many flavors but they share three goals:
   Make money for their clients
   Make money for themselves
   Don’t lose money, break the law, cheat people or wear handcuffs
So does making money and growing a portfolio sound like you?  Is it what uwannadu?

Hear much more from Glen about his career as a portfolio manager.  
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