Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Do YOU suffer from "dentophobia"? Huh?

Do YOU suffer from "dentophobia"? Huh?
Yes that's a real word. And an actual medically recognized condition. Dentophobia is the fear of dental care, and more specifically, visiting the dental hygienist. Many people suffer from this condition to varying degrees. Sometimes it’s caused by childhood traumas. Who doesn't cringe at the shrill whine of a dental drill?

Sir Laurence Olivier            |            Steve Martin            |            Jennifer Aniston

Certainly the media has had no shortage of exaggerated portrayals of dentists over the years. From the crazed Nazi dental torturer of MARATHON MAN, to Steve Martin's antics in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS (or even NOVOCAINE), to Jennifer Aniston's naughty advances toward dental hygienist Charlie Day in HORRIBLE BOSSES.

Although the reality of life as a dentist may not be so extreme, it's certainly no less interesting. Jamie chose to follow her interests and became a professional dental hygienist. Hear her story and what it's really like behind the mask.

With a growth rate of 28% per year and a potential salary of $100k, dental hygienists are smiling pretty.  

So while the anxiety of visiting the dentist can be real, fortunately we have dental hygienists like Jamie to ease our fears.

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