Thursday, December 19, 2013

Graphic Design is a lot of fun!

We are a visual culture.

Even cats respond to graphics.
We place great importance on the visual. 

Images can influence our emotions, trigger memories and even trick our senses. We are constantly swayed this way and that by an endless barrage of imagery. Having a good understanding of how people are likely to react to visual stimuli is an important yet sometimes overlooked skill in being a good Graphic Designer

From and mood of colors to the use of negative space (the "empty" area around shapes). Graphic Designers must consider a whole range of issues when approaching a visual solution for any given project. From budget, to technical constraints of the delivery method, all the while serving to express the message or have the intended effect on as many people as possible within the targeted audience. It's a challenge to do it well time after time. 

But meeting those challenges can be a source of fun and inspiration.
The late Storm Thorgerson's iconic cover for Pink Floyd's THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON
Another exciting thing for a Graphic Designer is to see their work embraced on a large scale by the public. To witness their work mass produced by the thousands and pasted on walls all over the world can offer a great sense of pride. To have their work outlast themselves is an honor sadly no artist gets to savor, but it is still a great accomplishment.

Many artists are shy and are happy to let their art speak for them. They would much rather have their work be famous, all the while keeping their treasured personal anonymity. Many of you may know the album cover above, but did you know the artist who designed it? (No, it wasn't Pink Floyd. See caption.) The artist was happy to know you liked his work, regardless of the fact you did not know his name.
Bryant is a Graphic Designer. An "Environmental" Graphic Designer to be exact.

There are MANY MANY different kinds of designers as nearly EVERYTHING these days needs to be designed, presented, packaged, and branded in some fashion. And it's likely to only increase over time as new media streams develop. It's the rare profession where literally ANYONE with a developed talent and the right ideas can enjoy great success. There's no such thing as perfect, but practice makes MUCH MUCH BETTER. Have you answered your calling?    

What do uwannadu?
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