Thursday, December 5, 2013

ARCHITECTURE: The Poetry of Form & Structure

"Every great architect is, necessarily, a great poet"
- Frank Lloyd Wright
Here's an example of Wright’s poetry. 
'Falling Water' appears to grow from the environment
‘Falling Water’, near Pittsburgh, PA was built in 1935 and is Wright’s most recognized masterpiece.  It is a monument to ‘organic’ architecture and a monument to doing what you love. And doing it well. He was 67.
Wright inspired millions to follow their dreams and build their own monuments.
Some builders aim to move us emotionally and inspire us, blending form and function, not to work or live in but to feel and be moved by.
Maya Lin
Ohio-born Maya Lin, Architecture student, entered a national contest to commemorate the sacrifices Americans made in the Vietnam War.
Lin won the prize and international acclaim, while we received the celebrated Memorial. Few can visit the National Mall in Washington DC and not be moved by her heart-felt message built in somber stone and haunted by the reflected names of our fallen heroes.
Jeff is an architect who works primarily on residential designs.  He brings homeowner dreams to life.
Architects pursue different visions and dreams:
  • Frank Lloyd Wright built to reflect and integrate with nature
  • Maya Lin built to solemnly help us remember
  • Jeff builds private sanctuaries in the homes of regular people
They chose Architecture as a means of expressing their dreams.

What do you uwannadu?
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