Thursday, January 23, 2014

Designs for Living... In

Do you consider yourself creative, but don't have good illustration skills?
Cat wearing a party hat (or an upside down ice cream cone).
Can you walk into a room and sense what's wrong or right with the layout?

Oh. My. Gawd. EVERYTHING is wrong.
Do you have an strong interest in designing how people utilize and interact with the space around them?

Following the principle of the 5 Fs. Flowing Forms Feel Fresh Forever. 
Then maybe, just maybe, you are perfect for a career in INTERIOR DESIGN.

Maggie sat down with uwannadu to answer the 15 most-asked questions of what life is really like as a professional INTERIOR DESIGNER. She offers lots of valuable insight into her activities. From a description of exactly what she does all day to some stuff she wishes she knew before she entered the business. Topics range from the most rewarding aspects of the job to personality types who would excel in the field of interior design. 

And although she works hard, it comes naturally to her because she loves what she does. She gets paid to create highly usable spaces and working environments. Maggie designs exciting layouts with human traffic patterns and exciting wall textures and logical furniture placement. While floor treatments and functional (and atmospheric) lighting completes the space. 

And although she mostly pulls her ideas from within herself, the job of INTERIOR DESIGNER is still a very social one. From volunteer events and office Olympics to ladder golf and giant jenga. A creative person thrives in a creative environment. And Maggie's work reflects this. 

Do YOU have what it takes to thrive in this career? The first step in answering that question is uncovering the complete and honest truth about the career and what skills and education is required to succeed. Only then can you take confident action in any direction. Explore careers and get the FULL picture from uwannadu. It's completely FREE! As it should be.        
Maybe INTERIOR DESIGNER is for you. Check it out. 
Hear much more from Maggie about her career choice.

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