Thursday, January 16, 2014

Real Estate, Real Career

Nearly everyone who has purchased property has dealt with a Real Estate Agent at some point. Their job is to not only help you find the residence you are looking for, but also facilitate the purchase transaction and even find a buyer for your old residence. Without someone to assist you through this process most people are kinda stuck where they are.

So although the number of real estate transactions fluctuates (like most industries), the need these agents is not going away anytime soon. Indeed this industry is growing at a 12% over the past year. And as a Real Estate Agent you get paid for performance. Agents get an agreed upon percentage, so the larger the transaction, the bigger the pay. It can be 'feast or famine' at times, but a good agent with a large social network can do quite well financially. Especially in a high end urban market.
But don't take our word for it. We spoke with Danai "The Condo Queen" about life as a Realtor. She's an ex-beauty queen currently conquering the real estate market in a large metropolitan market. Danai offers valuable insight into the world of buying and selling real estate property. View her "teaser" video HERE, and pop over to uwannadu to view her full interview (broken into 15 short answers) and get salary information, what skills and knowledge is required, and even recommended education. And even current job opportunities. Before you choose your career direction, explore all your options. It just makes sense to do what YOU wanna do.
Maybe REALTOR is for you. Hear much more from Danai about her career choice.
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